Friday, September 24, 2010

What's Your Major features comedy and music tonight at Church

Brendan Boogie, creator of What's Your Major
You want to laugh tonight, but you also want to hear cool Boston bands play music, and you miss the “back to school” atmosphere from college. What can you do? What? What show could possibly even address your needs? Who would even want to create a show like that?

Brendan Boogie, that’s who. He created What’s Your Major?, which plays tonight at Church Boston near Fenway. Boogie is the leader of Brendan Boogie and the Best Intentions, and he has tapped his friends from Boston’s comedy and music scenes to play the show, co-sponsored by local music blog, Boston Band Crush.

The music: Shoney Lamar & The Equal Rights, Gene Dante & The Future Starlets, Kingsley Flood, Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, Low Static Romance, and Ad Frank.

The Comedy: Tim McIntire, Maria Ciampa, and Duncan Wilder Johnson.

I asked Brendan a few questions about the show, and he gave me a bunch o’ smart ass answers. Here they are, in between videos of other interviews on this subject.

Wait, McIntire was a botany major? Really?

What’s the main premise of What’s Your Major?

To learn. To expand our minds. To party. To put off any meaningful decisions to a later date. To laugh. To rock. To waste our parents' money at the bar. Basically, the same premise as going to college.

How did you winds up with such close ties to both the music and comedy communities?

My charisma transcends your foolish human boundaries. Also, you tend to burn through relationships quickly when you never pick up the tab, so it’s important for me to spread myself around a few different scenes.

How is Church as a comedy venue?

Surprisingly good. We did this event last year and set up the comedy stage nearer to the bar so the comics could perform while the bands switched over. Last year, we actually did have to toss some people for heckling and being obnoxious. They came from a wedding. They started the day exchanging eternal love for each other. They ended it getting verbally ripped to shreds by Tim McIntire and then tossed from the building in tears. I have a lot of hope for those two kids.

Do you plan to keep doing these shows?

Well, this is only sophomore year, so I'd say so. Maybe junior year abroad? What's Your Major 3 in Amsterdam? Start booking your hostels now.

How is Boston Band Crush involved?

Editor-in-chief Ashley Willard is the empress of all things Boston rock. Even when you think she's not involved, she'll be there to unite your friends and smite your enemies. It's best to just submit to her every whim.

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