Monday, September 20, 2010

Billy Bob Neck on The Rachel Maddow Show

Billy Bob Neck
Boston comedy fans watching The Rachel Maddow Show Friday got to see a familiar face in the closing moments. Maddow showed a YouTube clip of fundamentalist commentator Billy Bob Neck exposing Maddow as a “lesbian vampire,” making fun of her appearance and wondering aloud why MSNBC would allow such a creature to comment on America. Much to her credit, Maddow played the whole clip, and it seemed to amuse her.

Neck, of course, is the character played by local comedian Paul Day in comedy clubs and on his Hour of Bein’ Good on And his appearance on Maddow surprised no one more than Day. He had not been contacted beforehand, and had no idea he was about to be on national television.

I asked him about it by e-mail this weekend.

First, the clip, then, the questions.

How did you find out you were on Maddow?

A friend from my days debunking some little parasite who said he blew Obama sent me an email. Mike Bent sent a message shortly thereafter.

What was your reaction?

Stunned, which gave way to frustration. Generally, MSNBC repeats Countdown and Maddow but, it being Friday, I guess the liberal viewers demand their dose of the documentary, Lockup. So I had to wait for it to get posted online. After that, I was elated. At the top of the show she talked about a “piece of tape” that had the office convulsed in laughter for more than an hour. It really doesn’t get much better than that. My wife was already asleep when I found out. I kind of nudged her and told her about it. She apparently thought I mean it was just on Maddow’s blog since she was a little freaked out in the morning.

Do you think they think Billy Bob is real?

I’m assuming not but you never know. Smarter people have fallen for it, but the whole notion that she’s a lesbian vampire because of two moles on her’s a little over the top. I think it’s one of the more blatantly THIS-IS-A-JOKE-PEOPLE bits that I’ve done. Still some people really do believe in vampires. I guess it just re-iterates the power of a book written a long time ago to influence people’s lives. ;-)

Have they been in touch with you yet?

Sadly, no. I’m hoping to get in touch with them. That’s the only downside of a Friday segment - the office pretty much closes. Obviously, it would be great to get a little commentary segment occasionally. I’d love to do an interview with Maddow. That would be a huge thrill.

The jokes on that bit were particularly harsh – are you surprised they used it?

Harsh? I thought it was pretty goofy and good natured in relation to saying that Sharron Angle believes that God had a good reason to let your father to rape you or the Burn A Koran song. On the whole, I think it’s pretty accessible. I felt a little bad about saying she had small breasts, but I think it was Newbower that said, “You can be a good person or you can be funny.”

Will Billy Bob continue to try to expose Maddow? What’s his reaction to all of this?

I thought about it. If Maddow fucks with Billy then he will certainly fuck back. I’m not sure that she’ll be a focus, though. He’ll probably just continue to rail against homos, liberals and those who shoot crack cocaine in their eye. There are far too many targets to shot at.


Jessica said...

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barry crimmins said...

Here's to Rachel making Billy a regular contributor to the show.

Unknown said...

Barry, great idea.

Timebaby75 said...

He should be a regular contributor to the Colbert Report!