Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More on Billy Bob and Maddow

Billy Bob Neck outing Maddow on YouTube
On Friday, Billy Bob Neck, a.k.a. local comedian Paul Day, was surprised to find a video of his popping up on The Rachel Maddow Show. Billy Bob can be a bit hard to take if you don't know it's an act, and despite the obvious fun Maddow has been having with his accusation that she's a "lesbian vampire," some people have been taking it seriously.

The story has been on Maddow's blog, first here, where Maddow posted a photo of herself with fake (I think) vampire teeth and a pint of Ben & Jerry's Vein-illa Les-bean. Then Maddow's bloggers found my interview with Day and posted about it again.

The folks over at Blue Roots Radio also interviewed Day Monday. You can hear it here (click on the links under the "Dates" heading on the left side).

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