Thursday, May 16, 2013

Quiet Desperation Viewing Party Tonight

There was plenty of drama surrounding the April 22 lockdown in Watertown and the search for the Boston Marathon bombers. The latest episode of Quiet Desperation is a slice of life in Allston on that day, with all the corresponding weirdness and pathos and She-Ra references.

Quiet Desperation celebrates the release of the "Lockdown" episode tonight at the Blanc Gallery in Cambridge with a viewing party. Now in season four, the local series has survived a host of changes in the cast and crew, and ventured on after its run on MyTV ended. The party is free, and they'll be showing episodes from the current season. Quiet D creator and star Rob Potylo will perform a few songs, as will Al Pol and Alec Houtson. Check in with the event page on Facebook

Here's a look at the new episode: 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ian Harvie Superhero New England Premiere Tonight

Ian Harvie's autobiographical film Ian Harvie Superhero makes its New England debut tonight at the Brattle Theatre as part of the Boston LGBT Film Festival 2013. The film follows Harvie's story as a female-to-masculine (he explicitly prefers that to "male") transgendered comedian. On his Web site, he says "gender" is a fluid term, and explains his relation to it. "I was born female; there is no question that I understand this," he writes. "I keep my 'F' for Female on my drivers license and birth certificate because for me, that is a biological fact. I believe that ‘female’ is a biological sex and legal term; while my gender is something else entirely, that is something I get to create myself and modify as I see fit."  

Harvie, a Portland, Maine native who was a regular on the Boston scene before moving to LA, will be on hand for the screening. It will be the first time he sees it on the big screen, and I spoke with him via Facebook to ask if he were nervous or excited. "Hell yeah, I'm nervous!" he writes. "What if they don't laugh? It's like shitting your pants before a live show! Except worse because its a forever archived record of your work. At least with a live show you can try to deny if something didn't go well. No record of the event."

Ian Harvie Superhero. Tonight, 10 p.m. Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle Street, Cambridge. 617-876-6837