Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bob Marley goes for the record at Portland’s Comedy Connection

Bob Marley attempts to break the
Guinness stand-up record for charity.
By the time you read this, Bob Marley will most likely be onstage at the Comedy Connection in Maine. He goes on at the ungodly hour of 7AM Wednesday morning, trying to beat the Guinness record for the longest stand-up comedy performance. The current mark of 38 hours and 6 minutes was set in October by Australian comic Lindsay Webb.
Marley will try to best that at the Connection to help out the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital, Maine's only certified children's hospital. The club will charge by the hour during the event to raise money (see Marley’s site for details).

Marley is a Portland native, and honed his craft in the Boston scene. I spoke with him for The Boston Globe in 2005.

Here’s Marley, explaining himself.

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