Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Interview: The Bombshell Show

The Bombshell Show: Boston Comedy's Blond Invasion hits Mottley's Comedy Club on Thursday with all sorts of blond comedy fury. The reason Jessie Baade and Nicole Luparelli put this showcase together have little to do with hair color, though. Both sport blond locks, but the Bombshell Show is more a good excuse to put some talented comics together on the same bill -- Chris Fleming (who is moving to L.A. soon), Amy Tee, Sara Blodgett, Kaite Lasky, and Ken Reid, who will sport a blond wig for the show.

If you're going to the show, remember blonds get two dollars off the $12 ticket price, and they're not picky. You can wear a wig or dye your hair that day, anything that makes you blond for the duration of the show.

I spoke with Jessie and (The Real) Nicole last week about the show for FGH's cameras. This is the result:

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