Friday, March 5, 2010

Giulia Rozzi flies solo at Mottley's

Boston audience are used to seeing Giulia Rozzi telling personal stories onstage. She’s done at as an east coast producer for the show Mortified, and with her own show, Stripped Stories. She still helps out with Mortified, and does Stripped Stories once a month in New York City and occasionally tours with the show.

But tonight and tomorrow at Mottley’s, you’ll see her by herself, headlining the show. “My stand-up is personal, revealing,” she says. “I share stories about my family, my life, the only difference is you get me-all me-for 40 minutes.”

The Belmont native left for college in 1996, but started comedy at open mic nights at Nick’s Comedy Stop when she came home to visit. She started stand-up in earnest in 2001 when she was living in Los Angeles. She’s currently working on a one-woman show she says is about “marriage/love/divorce.”

Here’s a sample of her stand-up:

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