Thursday, January 29, 2009

Juston McKinney: Blue Collar from Maine to Mottley's

Juston McKinney may have seemed like an odd fit to some when he was tapped last year for the Blue Collar Comedy: The Next Generation tour and subsequent DVD. But before he was a comedian, he was literally a blue collar worker as a police officer in Maine. In his mind, and in the minds of the Blue Collar producers, McKinney was a natural.

“Being from New England I didn't identify as much with the southern redneck stuff,” he says. “I would say Ron White was the one I identified with the most. On this tour they wanted to give it more of a traditional "blue collar" feel. Being a cop in rural Maine fits that bill.”

McKinney, who plays Mottley’s Friday and Saturday, also landed his own show on the Blue Collar channel at Sirius XM, called “Live from the Woods,” which he broadcasts from his house in New Hampshire Mondays at 9PM. It’s a topic driven call-in show that, every so often, brings him back to his roots. “Whenever appropriate I throw in some Maine references and material,” he says. “Last weeks show we had a caller from Maine which throws me in that direction.”

McKinney is working on a new DVD/CD, which he will shoot later this year.

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