Friday, January 16, 2009

Flight of the Conchords Preview, Anderson Comedy

Anyone who showed up at Great Scott tonight hoping to see Anderson Comedy perform sketch would have been disappointed to see their role in the Flight of the Conchords preview reduced to a quick plug of their usual Friday night show, Gas, after the preview of the second episode of the new season. The troupe was told earlier in the evening that they would not be performing, but that Rob and Matt could mention the show.

The preview itself was a mixed bag. People were waiting on the sidewalk in single digit temperatures in a line that stretched about 30 feet around the corner. A few people came back out disappointed, apparently not on the RSVP list. Those who did get in were treated to free drinks and food and a preview of the second episode from the new season, which premieres on HBO Sunday at 10. The episode was funny -- the Conchords hit a new financial low and have to consider prostitution to get their instruments out of hock and turn their lights back on. But an open bar and free TV are two good things that don't necessarily go well together. Tough to hear the dialogue over some of the folks socializing near the stage.

Still, everybody will get a second chance to see the episode next week, and got free beer and snacks. And hopefully, some of that capacity crowd will come back to see Anderson Comedy on some other Friday night. Something about a gift horse comes to mind...

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