Wednesday, January 7, 2009

John Lehr at Improv Asylum Tonight

John Lehr, star and co-creator of the TBS show 10 Items of Less, will drop by Improv Asylum tonight for their Vanity Project show. If you've never seen this IA show before, take a look. A guest speaker tells a few stories, and a pick-up crew of some of the Asylum's better players improv scenes based on themes and details from the story.

Lehr is in town on a publicity stop for 10 Items, which just kicked off it's third season on TBS yesterday. And though it would be tough to recognize him from the spots, Lehr also plaued one of the cavemen in the Geico commericals.

Watch for more on Lehr in this space tomorrow.

Vanity Project, 8PM tonight at Improv Asylum, 216 Hanover St, Boston. 617-263-6887. $15.

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