Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reader's Digest: Call for Submissions

Last week, the folks over at Reader's Digest e-mailed me about this blog. They are fans of Boston Comedy, as it turns out, and coincidentally, are looking for new contributors for their Laugh! page. And they asked if I could help put them in touch with some Boston talent. Which is why you are reading this post right now. So here are the details.

Material should be "family-friendly and LOL," according to RD's guidelines. Topical jokes probably won't work, and the format should be a typical setup and punchline "one-liner." Lead time is usually two months (which is fairly standard in the magazine publishing world).

You can send jokes to at the beginning of the month in a Word document. There is no limit to submissions, but I am told 10-15 jokes probably works best. If they want to use your stuff, they'll get back to you, and you'll be paid $100 per item used. You are credited with the joke, and you keep the rights. If you're affiliated with a club, they'll credit the club, too, or a personal/professional Web site.

That's the deal. Reader's Digest has a circulation of eight millionm, which translates into 35 readers per month (this the whole "reader" part fo the name), and as someone in the trenches of freelance writing, I'd have to say $100 is a pretty good payday.

If you get in touch, let them know you saw this.


get in here said...

My mother used to freakin' love Readers Digest... I'm on it :)

Anonymous said...

It's really good reading a Readers Digest help us...

Todd DiRoberto