Friday, April 17, 2009

Joe Wong on Letterman: A Behind-the-Scenes Look on

Besides updating Boston Comedy several times a week, I also write for the blog. Sometimes, I have a subject with a bit of crossover, and as I was planning on writing a story about how Eddie Brill prepares comics to be on Letterman, Brill told me Joe Wong was going to be on the show. So I got to write my behind the scenes story and include a great Boston comic in the mix. Brill was impressed with Wong, and said the audience was, as well. The buzz about this has been building all week in the Boston comedy community, and while Wong will be watching tonight with his family at home, some of us will try to catch it on the TVs at the Comedy Studio (check the Kvetch Board for details).

The story is here.

And remember to tune in to Wong's appearance tonight on Letterman. He'll be on the late end of the show, closing things up.

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