Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random Notes: Steven Wright on Craig Ferguson, Louis C.K.

Steven Wright has just announced a new show at the Comedy Connection Wilbur Theatre May 29. Tickets go on sale Friday.

And if you want to see Wright before then, here are a few clips of his recent guest spots on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. He's been popping in unannounced lately, for a few hilarious bits.

Here's the cold opening from March 31, when he did the cold opening instead of Ferguson:

Here's the panel segment from that same show:

Then on April 2, he showed up again for another cold opening, this time with Brittany Murphy:

Also, Louis C.K. will be taping his next one-hour special in Milwaukee at the Pabst Theater April 18. C.K., who recently taped a marathon show at the Orpheum here in Boston for a possible CD release, will tape two shows at the Pabst, at 8PM and 10:30PM, from which he will cull his next one-hour special, his third in three years.

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