Saturday, May 10, 2014

Todd Barry's "Crowd Work" in the Boston Globe

I spoke with Todd Barry about his "Crowd Work" special and tours for today's Boston Globe, in a piece called "Barry's winging it with crowd-sourced comedy." Barry is on his third and "Final Crowd Work Tour," which comes to the Sinclair Sunday night. There is no pre-written material, just Barry talking to the crowd.

In the story, Barry mentions an audience member in Minneapolis whom I say was a lawyer working for a "sex toy factory." He was a bit more specific, but the Globe is a family paper, and I couldn't mention it. Here is Barry, explaining how some audience members can still throw him a curveball now and then.

"Some people surprise you. A guy in Minneapolis had like a corporate lawyer job, and it just seemed like it wasn’t going to be anything to talk about, and then he said, somehow, ‘But I am representing a dildo company now.’ You know, I have questions then." 

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