Thursday, May 8, 2014

Eddie Izzard Gives Slutcracker a Shout Out at At Q&A

Eddie Izzard came out to answer audience questions tonight after his "Force Majeure" show at the Wang, and the very last question belonged to local burlesque dancer Sugar Dish. Izzard had riffed on stealing makeup back before he was an executive transvestite (he was still a rank private then), so Ms. Dish asked him what his favorite lipstick to steal was. That's when Izzard noticed her t-shirt, and asked, "Does that say 'Slutcracker?'" That brought some catcalls and applause from the crowd, which had filled the lobby and peppered the two balconies waiting to see Izzard (see following posts for a couple of more photos). 

From Sugar Dish's Facebook Fanpage:
@EddieIzzard called on me during Q&A, read @Slutcracker off my shirt, audience cheered, I did a jig. #truestory

For more on Izzard's tour, which is in town for the next two nights, read my piece in the Boston Globe here.  

Oh, and for the record, it's "Lady Danger" by MAC. 

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