Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Comedy Studio’s Comic In Residence Interview - Alana Eisner

Alana Eisner - Comedy Studio
Comic In Residence for February
Every month, The Comedy Studio features one comic on every show. And each month, the Boston Comedy Blog interviews that person. For February, it’s Alana Eisner. Eisner started comedy while a student at SUNY Albany, and moved to Boston in 2008 in part because she heard it was a good comedy scene in which to develop. That, and her sister is in Boston. Since then, she has become more dedicated to her craft. “Comedy didn't start out as my main objective, but it is now,” she says. “I can't picture myself doing anything else.”

When did you start doing comedy?

I started doing comedy about four years ago. I started out towards the end of college in Albany so I didn't get to go on stage very often in the beginning.

How often have you played the Studio?

I probably played the Studio about 50 times before this month.

What other clubs do you play?

I perform at Anderson comedy shows such as the GAS shows at Great Scott, Grandma's Basement shows, Mottley's at times. I still do a lot of open mics.

What local comedians have influenced you?

There are a lot of great comics in Boston that have influenced me. Jenny Zigrino is a close friend and great talent. Rick Jenkins and Rob Crean are both strong performers and have helped me develop my act with providing helpful insight as well as stage time. Other local Comics I admire include Josh Gondelman, Shawn Donovan, Bethany Van Delft, Tim McIntire and Dan Boulger.

What's the average number of gigs you've played in a month before this?

About 6-8 shows a month. I still go to open mics and make sure to get on stage at least four times a week.

How will you approach your time -- work on new stuff, refine older stuff, or a mix of both?

A mixture of both, I have been writing more lately, so I would like to work on new material during the weekday shows.

What do you expect to have gotten out of the experience when the month is over?

I have already gotten a lot out of this month. This opportunity rekindled my comic momentum. I hope to work on my writing and strengthen new material. I would like to try out different openers and closers as well work on material that involve more storytelling. Other than that enjoy this wonderful opportunity and interacting with the other comics.


Comedy said...

Its a great interview, i am big fan of Alana Eisner.
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thecomedyjourney said...

Great interview. It's good to hear new, up and coming comedians impart wisdom and advice.