Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chris Coxen Says Farewell To Boston - VIDEO

Barry Tattle
 By this time next week, Chris Coxen and his League of Characters will have left Boston for London, where he plans to spend at least a year working the clubs and seeking fortune, fame, and sensuality. Before then, he'll be at Mottley's Comedy Club Friday and Saturday for a pair of farewell shows -- Barry Tattle's Valentine's Day Surprise.

Here is Coxen at Mottley's talking about the shows and the big move. Stick around for a special message from Barry Tattle at the end.


Unknown said...

Dear Barry:

You will be missed! I lift my glass of chardonay to you, fella - happy trails!

With love,

Meow Mix

World Sport Bloopers said...

I eagerly await your jazzy arrival in London. I just hope your scooter can float!