Saturday, November 6, 2010

Video: Kevin Meaney interview at the Hard Rock Boston

Kevin Meaney
Kevin Meaney performed two shows last night at Boston's Hard Rock Cafe (with Shaun Bedgood, Joey Carroll, and Jim McCue) to open the Boston Comedy Festival. Meaney, of course, is no stranger to Boston audiences, having worked here in the 80s. He did stand-up, and a little singing, befitting the work he's been doing the past few years in musical theater in shows like Hairspray.

He also touched on some old favorites -- impressions of celebrity's dogs and his mother's intonation "We're going to lose the house." But he also did material about coming out and his resulting divorce, a chapter of Meaney's life with which Boston audiences may not be familiar.

I caught him here after the second show, during which a woman in the front row kept up a fairly constant assault of cheerful parrticipation that made Meaney's job that much harder.

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