Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jim Norton on Comics Come Home

In a world where George Carlin could
be a priest, Jim Norton could
be an altar boy.
Jim Norton has played clubs, theaters, arenas, horse shows, pre-school openings, community pot lucks, and Bar Mitzvahs in Boston over the past decade plus. He’s headlined and been part of package tours and special events. He has attacked Boston from just about every angle possible for a comic from New York. So maybe that’s why it feels appropriate that he’s on the bill Saturday for Comics Come Home at Agganis Arena, hosted by Denis Leary. He’s not coming home, but close enough.

Big Norton fans can still find him on Opie and Anthony, and also his own Sirius/XM show, The Jim Norton Show on Rawdog Radio, or pick up his two books, Happy Endings and I Hate Your Guts. He says he’s heading back to Boston next year, probably in February. If that’s not enough, he says, “People can follow me on Twitter if they’d like to be updated about the mediocrity that is my life.” This will be his second Comics Come Home.

I asked Jim a few questions by e-mail this week.

Is Comics Come Home a different crowd than you usually see when you come to Boston?

These crowds aren’t animals. The crowds that normally come to see me consist of mental patients and girls who hate their fathers.

How did you get together with Leary to get on the show?

Denis and I would visit the same glory hole and eventually got to talking.

Will your own radio affect your appearance on Opie and Anthony?

Not at all, Opie & Anthony are so sick of my face, they’re happy when I do anything else.

How does it differ from their show?

Their show is entertaining; mine has been compared to a beheading.

Any more books in the works?

I am working on an expose about all of the attractive women I’ve gotten to fuck for free. I’m currently stuck on page two.

A lot has already been said about Greg Giraldo, but is there anything you want to say that you haven’t had the opportunity to put in print?

Greg’s death was shitty, especially considering there are so many entertainers that are still alive that shouldn’t be.

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