Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dump on Joe Wong Night, Five New Jokes at the Burren tonight

Joe Wong has been getting a lot of praise lately, appearing on Letterman, Ellen, and at the Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner. So it’s about time he took a few lumps. Dave Rattigan plans to put Joe through the ringer tonight at the Burren with “Dump on Joe Wong Night,” where a few comedians who know Joe well will give him a kind of mini-roast.

“Comics are all asked to preface their material with an insult of Joe,” says Rattigan.

Who says the comedy scene isn’t sane and loving?

The night will also feature the 5 New Jokes contest with Joe, Matt D., Chrissy Kelleher, Jim Bowes, and Jim McQuaid. Every comic has to do five new jokes they wrote that week to qualify (Rattigan is always at the clubs and books a few rooms, so he’ll probably be able to tell a comic’s new material from something more road-tested). Rattigan hosts the show.

The Burren is in Davis Square. Show starts at 10PM.


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R. L. Robinson said...

I've heard Joe Wong is legit. I know this seems odd, but maybe you could work some comedy in the news about the comedy.