Friday, March 11, 2011

WICF: Rachel Dratch Performs at ImprovBoston

Rachel Dratch performs at
ImprovBoston tonight
The Women In Comedy Festival announced earlier this week that Saturday Night Live and Second City alum Rachel Dratch, a Lexington native, will be performing on tonight’s 7PM show at ImprovBoston, and also speaking on a panel tomorrow. The Festival had been trying to get Dratch on the schedule before they announced the full slate of headliners, but it wound up coming a little late.

“Rachel Dratch has been on our short-list of dream headliners since day one,” says WICF co-founder Michelle Barbera, “and we'd tried getting in touch with her in various ways to no avail. I ended up going on IMDB Pro (yes, there's a reason for IMDB Pro's existence, I now know) and found her agency. I have to give huge props to her agency, and especially to John and Scott, for taking my call in the first place, and for working with me over many months to see what was possible because they believed in our mission. When we finally got the call to confirm that Rachel was in, I felt like a seven-year-old at her Star-Wars-themed surprise birthday party. Times ten. I was very excited.”

Barbera notes it’s a rare chance to see Dratch in an intimate, 100-seat setting, and to see her on tomorrow’s panel at the Brattle with headliners Jen Kirkman, Morgan Murphy, Kristen Schaal, and Kurt Braunohler. “For audience members and performers alike to see Rachel Dratch perform and speak, live, right here in Boston, brings home a sense of reality about the possibilities for women in comedy to become household names and have a cultural impact,” she says.0” I don't think anyone who gets to see Rachel at WICF will ever forget the experience, and we believe that she, along with our other headliners and performers, will inspire so many others to really go for a great career in comedy.”

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