Friday, March 11, 2011

Giggles: Catching Up with Matty Blake, One Of the “Hunks of Comedy”

Matty Blake is at Giggles tonight
with the "Hunks of Comedy"
Tonight and tomorrow at Giggles, former Boston comic Matty Blake will be part of the “Hunks of Comedy” show along with Graig Murphy, Martin Montana, and Mark Riley. Not that he knew that’s what he was signing up for when he took the gig. The name is the brainchild of club owner Mike Clarke, and according to Blake, is an attempt to satisfy the “tipsy gals’ night out” crowd.

“I honestly didn't know the show was themed as such, until he told me this past Sunday,” Blake told me by e-mail. “He asked me to headline this date weeks and weeks ago. When he told me what it was called I did not believe him. I immediately looked it up on the site. Oh, my, he was not kidding.”

Could this be the start of a new touring package for Blake and company? “If they'll have me, I will come,” he says. “Although I think Gulman is the true hunk of comedy. Gary Gulman's hair alone could do a full set that would have ladies swooning.”

For the record, Blake is dubious of the name. “I'm embarrassed to be part of a show called ‘Hunks Of Comedy,’” he says. “Because by being in it, people will think I'm as good looking as these other comics. And it's not even close. I'm way better looking.”

Blake has plenty on his plate these days. He was on the first season of the Onion SportsDome on Comedy Central, and could be back if it’s picked up for a second season. He’ll be hosting a new show on the History Channel called What’s In Your Pockets? and will be working with CBS Sports to do daily sports-related comedy bits for their Web site, starting in two weeks. For HBO fans, he’s got a guest spot on the hit Boardwalk Empire in the can for season two. “That was a blast!” he reports. “Buscemi is the man.”

The Hunks of Comedy: Tonight at 8:30PM, tomorrow at 7:15PM and 9:30PM. With Matty Blake, Martin Montana, and Graig Murphy. Giggles Comedy Club, at Prince's Pizzeria, 517 Broadway (Route 1), Saugus, Ma. 781.233.9950

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