Friday, October 29, 2010

MC Mr. Napkins/Zach Sherwin album finally has a release date

MC Mr. Napkins in action
When Zach Sherwin, a.k.a. MC Mr. Napkins left Boston for L.A. last year, he already had an album recorded. The question has been, when will it finally see the light of day?

That question finaly has an answer. And it won't be long. MC Mr. Napkins: The Album comes out 11/30 on Comedy Central Records. Here is the track listing, straight from Sherwin himself:

1. Sphygmomanometer
2. Irrevocability
3. The Aggressive Bee
4. Smoothies
5. Street Cred
6. Goose MCs
7. Krav Maga
8. Mussolini Miscellany
9. Oberlin
10. Flora/Fauna
11. Tae Kwon Do's and Don'ts
12. Bike Stop
13. Geography Trivia (Live)
14. Antepenultimate
15. F-Bombs (Live)
16. Get 'Pon My Arm, Homes!

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