Thursday, June 18, 2009

Discount Variety tonigth at the CinemaSalem Cafe -- Andy Ofiesh and Gumbo Diablo!

If you have any way to get out to the north shore tonight, make plans to see Presents... Discount Variety at CinemaSalem. Tonight starting at 8:30, we have Andy Ofiesh of the Naked Comedy Showcase and the zydeco soul of Gumbo Diablo, all for a cover price of just five bucks. For more info, click here. And read below for more info on tonight's featured performers.

Gumbo Diablo could be called a zydeco band, but their style covers a much broader range than that -- roots, soul, country. As lead singer Wendy Kinal puts it, they like to play "the originals, the Stevie covers, and anything people are dancing and smiling and to. Hire us and we'll help you throw one of the best parties of your life!"

How long have you been playing in Boston?

About two years.

What are your favorite places to play?

Pleasant Cafe in Maynard - we've been there several times and it just has a chill, welcoming feel; the R&R in Malden is a good ol' Neighborhood Bar (I believe the full name is the R&R 5-Star Dive Bar..enough said); 31 Main in Ayer and the Happy Swallow in Framingham are fun as well, and different - audience, energy, etc.
- I love reading the vibe and rolling with it.

Who are your favorite comedians, locally and nationally?

I do like the Walsh Brothers and Andy Ofiesh, and it's not just because I spent hours and hours eating kabobs in the middle of the night in Scotland with them. The "Untrainables" always crack me up (Renata Tutko, Nate Johnson, Sean Sullivan, Ken Reid). I always loved the late, great Gilda Radner. Oh, and Bea Arthur, RIP.

What is the best comedy show you've seen?

Does a clown piece I saw in Brazil count? I howled with laughter and terror the entire time. It was brilliant. As far as stand-up goes, I can't pinpoint just one. There's usually a moment in ever show I've seen that just tickles me to the core.


It would be easy to label Andy Ofiesh's Naked Comedy Showcase, which he hosts the first Wednesday of every month at ImprovBoston, as a stunt. After all, it is naked people doing comedy. Ofiesh admits that's a pretty good way to get attention, but to dismiss the show, and Ofiesh himself, as a novelty would be to miss out on a surprisingly innovative show and a whipsmart local comedian. Ofiesh has distinguished himself, dressed and undressed, in the local scene with a wicked, sometimes off-color sense of humor, and is a happy fixture of the Boston scene.

How long have you been playing in Boston?

Eleven years.

What are your favorite places to play?

Comedy Studio and ImprovBoston.

Who are your favorite musicians, locally and nationally?

Locally I really like Gumbo Diablo, and not just because the lead singer is my roommate. More famously, I like White Stripes (or related groups), and Red Hot Chilli Peppers

What is the best music show you’ve seen?

River Rave in 2004. There were a ton of great acts, but the best was P.O.D. tried to turn Gillette Stadium into a mosh pit, and then invited a bunch of kids on stage to sing Youth of the Nation with them.


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