Monday, August 17, 2009

Local Comedy Around the Web

Just a few links to keep you updated on comedy stories around the Web with local ties:

1. Dave Russo in Wicked Local Tewksbury: A straight profile of Russo.

2. Tommy Savitt on Savitt won the Boston Comedy Festival competition a couple of years ago (the Festival is back August 29th). Here, Howie Nave tells the story of how Savitt almost didn't make it to Boston to begin with.

3. The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival at The Brooklyn Vegan: The line-up for Mirman's festival, which takes place in Brooklyn September 17-20, with videos, and a bit of new about the new Mirman album on Sub Pop.

4. Paul Mecurio in Punchline Magazine: Punchline talks to Mecurio about his new Web series, Got No Game with Paul Mecurio, the REd Sox, and Boston's self-esteem problem.

5. Dane Cook announced a show at Madison Square Garden on his own Web site. The show will be part of the New York Comedy Festival, and happens November 5. It's called Dane Cook and Friends, but his site doesn't identify the "friends."

6. Jay Leno in the Boston Globe and theBoston Herald: Leno stopped by Emerson last week for a free show (not open to the public) and talked about his new NBC show, which premieres this fall.

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