Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random Notes: Louis C.K., Maher/Coulter Reviews

My friend Sean McCarthy at The Comic's Comic was at the Louis C.K. show Saturday, and wrote this review. C.K. was readying a set for his new specials, which he is tentatively set to tape sometime in April. If Saturda's Orpheum gig is any indication, his biggest problem will be choosing what material makes the final hour. Most every riff was right on, from his take on our impatience with technology (expanded from his Conan appearance that made the rounds on YouTube) to having to choose between walking the dog and keeping an eye on your kids as a single dad (sorry, pooch). He did an hour and thirty-five minutes for the main set, and then an encore that he kept short, mentioning that people really ought to go home.

Also, The Bostonist wasn't terribly impressed with last week's showdown between Bill Maher and Ann Coulter. I spoke with Maher about Coulter in 2007, before he taped "The Decider" at the Berklee Performance Center. He said he hadn't spoken with Coulter in a long while, and said, "I always got along with her well, because we never talk politics."

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