Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Video: Julianne Moore on her 30 Rock Boston accent

Julianne Moore was on The Daily Show last night, mainly to talk about her new film, The Kids Are All Right. But the conversation turned to 30 Rock, on which she played Jack Donaghy's love interest from Boston, and how she learned her Boston accent for the role. Jon Stewart noted that Denis Leary had been on earlier, and had admitted he does a fake Boston accent, even though he's from Boston.

Surprisingly, Moore revealed she used to work at a bar in Kenmore Square on top of the Howard Johnson hotel. If it's the HoJo that's still there, it isn't technically in Kenmore Square, it's on Boylston Street. Currently, the Tiki Lounge at the hotel's Hong Kong Cafe hosts an open mic called Grandma's Basement.Could it be the same place?

Here's the clip. Boston/30 Rock stuff starts around 3:45.

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Julianne Moore got unjustified criticism for her Boston accent on 30 Rock. It was a comedy and exaggerating the accent was funnier. She wasn't doing a a documentary. She was funny there and her scenes with Alec Baldwin were memorable.

She has four Oscar nominations. If she makes a choice artistically or is following direction on a project, the result is what was intended. Get off her back.