Saturday, May 2, 2009

Louis C.K. in Worcester Tonight; C.K. on Joe Wong

If you missed Louis C.K.'s show at the Orphem in March, you get a second chance to see him tonight at the Hanover Theatre in Worcester tonight. It's a great venue -- I saw Lily Tomlin there last year. And C.K.'s new material is as strong as anything he's done for his last couple of specials. And since C.K. already taped his third special last month, he may be starting over and working on even more new material. Either way, he is always worth seeing.

Also, it seems C.K. caught up-and-coming Boston comic Joe Wong's set on Letterman last month, and he was impressed. He wrote this in his blog, about the thrill of seeing an unknown comic kill on a national show, his thoughts on the perfect TV spot, and a shout out to the Comedy Studio.

I went to the Comedy Studio the night Wong's set aired to watch it on the second floor with a group of comics and Studio owner Rick Jenkins. I can honestly say that in ten years of covering the Boston scene, I'd never seen anything like it. Jenkins made the announcement that one of Boston's own was about to appear on Letterman, and the place went silent (except for a non-comic or two in the far corners) when Joe took the stage. Comics cheered every punchline, and if everybody hadn't been standing already, Wong would have gotten a standing ovation. It felt like a real victory for everyone in Boston comedy, and I'm glad to see C.K. talk about it. I'm glad it felt that way outside of Boston, too.

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