Thursday, May 7, 2009

NBC/Universal Signs Mindy Kaling to Develop Her Own Show

Congratulations to Cambridge native Mindy Kaling. Variety is reporting that Kaling has signed a two-year, seven-figure deal with NBC and Universal Studios to create and star in her own comedy series. Office fans don't need to worry - Kaling will still have time to be Dunder Mifflin's resident flirty airhead. And she'll still be writing for the show. As Variety points out, she's written some great episodes, including the recent "Golden Ticket" episode, and she has also served as a co-executive producer.

Kaling has proven herself as a comic actress and a writer, on the show and off (she co-wrote and co-starred in the off-Broadway hit Matt & Ben). And according to an interview with the Onion's AV Club, from back in 2007, Kaling originally signed on as a writer, but was surprised to find her contract included a "performer clause," and Kelly Kapoor was born.

The Variety article mentions a few ideas Kaling is kicking around - she likes workplace comedies, obviously, and buddy comedies. I'm interested to see what she comes up with, and I'd love to see her do something completely different from her Office character. And while we're on the subject, I'd also love to see what Newton native B.J. Novak, another performer/writer from The Office, could do with a development deal.

Office fans, what do you think would be the best vehicle for Kaling?

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