Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Comedy Night at the Burren Kicks Off Tomorrow

A couple of weeks ago, comic and booker Dave Rattigan was doing a Sunday afternoon private gig in the back room of the Burren, a pub in Davis Square. When the woman who booked the party told Rattigan the Burren’s owners were interested in having a comedy night, Rattigan went straight to them and set it up. The weekly "Comedy Night at the Burren" series kicks off tomorrow at 10PM, with Rattigan hosting and Tony Moschetto, Maria Ciampa, Mike Prior, Derek Gerry, Dan Crohn, Rob Steen, Rachel Andelman, Susan Reed, Benny Bosh, Sal Votano, and possibly Ken Rogerson.

The show is free, with about ten comics on the bill for each show. “It will be a showcase format, hopefully mixing five new and five experienced comics,” says Rattigan. “It will also hopefully mix in the Cambridge Studio and improv guys with some urban guys, outside room guys, Dick Doherty guys, Connection vets, etc.”

The show is an opportunity for Rattigan to see some comics he wouldn’t otherwise get to consider for other gigs he books, and get some stage time for himself. “This will give me a chance to look at some new guys, as well as work on my material,” he says. “I'm hoping it also gives the guys who only work the free spots in the city some exposure to guys (including comic-bookers) who work in the suburbs, and gives the guys who only work paid spots a chance to work on their short sets.”

The line-up for the next couple of weeks:

January 28
Jim Colliton hosts with Jimmy Dunn, Jennifer Myszkowski, Andy Ofiesch, John Curtin, Linda Belt, Ellen Moschetto, Ken Reed, Greg Boggis, Evan Bowen, Dave Rattigan

Feb. 4
Frank Santorelli hosts with Matt Wininger, Jon Rineman, Dave Rattigan, Mike Koutrobis, Rick Cormier, Bethany Van Delft, Ellen Moschetto, Mike Kerrigan, Jim Laprel, Jeff Koen, Shereen

The Burren. 617-776-6896. www.burren.com.

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