Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random Notes: Joe Wong, Mottley's Bailout, Bill Burr, Billy Bob Neck

Joe Wong on Letterman

Boston comedian Joe Wong has taped his spot for the Late Show with David Letterman, which will air Friday. Word from Letterman’s Eddie Brill, who worked with Wong on his set, is that it was a “grand slam.” A few others from around the scene managed to get down to New York for the taping, and Brill’s assessment seems to be the consensus. The Comedy Studio plans to show the appearance on the TVs on the second floor, but keep checking the Studio Kvetch Board for details.

Mottley’s Comedy Bailout

If you happen to see this as you’re making plans for tonight, Mottley’s Comedy Club is unveiling a new show tonight, called Mottley’s Comedy Bailout. Tickets will be $8, $5 for college kids, and free if you bring your layoff letter or an unemployment check stub. Jon Lincoln hosts tonight with Val Kappa, Mike Whitman, Joe Madaus, and Chris Coxen. This will be their regular Wednesday night show.

Bill Burr on

If you’re both a comedy and a hockey fan, then finally has something that combines your favorite interests. Bill Burr will be blogging about the Bruins throughout the playoffs, or at least throughout the Bruins’ participation in the playoffs. Here’s the first shot.

Billy Bob Neck Protests Taxes

A lot of people are protesting the bailouts with Tea Parties on Tax Day. Billy Bob Neck would like to participate. We think. This is his plea for you to join him.

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