Friday, November 11, 2011

Andy Kindler at The Boston Comedy Festival Tonight and Tomorrow

Andy Kindler plays the Boston Comedy Festival
I first saw Andy Kindler live almost a decade ago at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, where he gives his annual State of the Industry Address. In a week’s worth of shows featuring the biggest names in comedy, it was Kindler’s Address that no one wanted to miss, that everyone told me was a must-see. It didn’t disappoint. Kindler was and is brutal. He excoriated comedians, actors, television shows in front of an audience that most probably contained a fair amount of the people he was targeting.

I didn’t escape the week without comment, either. I made the mistake of sitting up front with my arms folded at on of Kindler’s alternative comedy showcases. I was trying to keep my elbows to myself, but it looked like I was sitting their stiff and judging. And so it became a standoff, because once someone makes fun of your posture, you can’t change it, or they win. It should be noted, though, I was laughing.

When I spoke to Kindler the next year at Just For Laughs, he didn’t really remember the incident, but he laughed at my retelling. I told him that I hoped he’d find a venue to play in Boston one of these days. I would loved to have told people about him when I had my weekly column at the Globe. Alas, he is finally here, and that column is gone. But I do have this blog, and I would encourage anyone who enjoys the sarcastic arts to head out to the Charles Playhouse Lounge tonight or the Davis Square Theatre tomorrow to see Kindler finally headline in Boston, as part of the Boston Comedy Festival. And sit with your arms to the side.

For those of you who recognize Kindler from Last Comic Standing or Everybody Loves Raymond but haven’t seen his standup, here’s a clip of him on Letterman from earlier this year. His part starts at about 2:05.  


admin said...

Bill Burr and he are really good comedians...

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