Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Quiet D" Done On MyTV

Rob Potylo on Quiet Desperation
What began in December as a promising venture to bring Boston comedians and musicians to a larger officially ended today when Rob Potylo and Metropolitan Pitcures announced they were pulling Quiet Desperation from MyTV. In a press release posted this afternoon on Facebook, Potylo and Metropolitan announced the decision, citing MyTV’s new ownership and subsequent stricter censorship of the show as their motivation.
Carlisle One Media bought WZMY in March, and have said they plan to continue the association with the MyNetworkTV. Shooting Star Broadcasting had owned the station since 2004.

The press release says the new ownership has a different vision for the station, and had asked Potylo and Metropolitan to removed some content and to “bleep” some words. They contend they had already vetted the show for content that would comply with FCC standards.

“Principal filming has been completed according to the original standards we agreed to with MyTV management when we made our broadcast deal,” said Metropolitan Pictures Creative Director Warren Lynch in the statement. “Now that we’re more than halfway through the season what are we supposed to do, re-shoot it?”

Potylo contends much of the shift has to do with Carlisle owner Bill Binnie. “Last week they (MyTV) ran an infomercial for tooth whitening instead of a repeat episode they had already broadcast – simply because of the new owner’s personal taste,” he said in the release. “He already wants us to remove humor related to marijuana and bleep words that don't violate TV-MA/18 standards, and it’s the start of a slippery slope which, for me, would destroy my vision of the program. I know QUIETD has a mass appeal that is undeniable, and we’re willing to stand by that.”

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