Monday, October 4, 2010

Greg Giraldo Interview: New York, 1994

Greg Giraldo 1965-2010
Greg Giraldo wasn't technically a Boston comedian. He came up through the New York scene, where he was a staple for most of his career. But he was smart and sometimes rough, and he studied at Harvard Law, and we tend to accept or even claim comedians like that as our own.

When Giraldo died last week of an accidental overdose, I wrote about him for I spoke to a Boston comedian named Jessie Baade for that piece who had known Giraldo briefly while they were both comedians starting out in New York. She had an interview with him she intended to be part of a documentary on comedy in New York that never got made. It shows a young Giraldo being charming and not taking anything seriously, which is a fitting tribute to the man's approach to his comedy.

The interview is below, with introduction from Miss Robles.

From Jessie Robles (aka Jessie Baade): Greg let me interview him when I told him him I was working on a project about comics while we were hanging out at Chuckles in Mineola, Long Island NY around late 1994. It never got finished because his was the only thing that didn't turn out to be in the dark. Jim Gaffigan is there off camera which is why Giraldo kept making cracks about him. He did not, in actuality, think Gaffigan was a hack.


Jessie Baade said...

God bless him...he wanted to see that football game so bad. Thanks for everything, Greg. With love, Robles

Jessie Baade said...

Shit. Got the date wrong. Try 1994. So sorry about that Nick!

JennyZebra said...

This is great. Sad, but great.

Rajan Dharni said...

Wow, this is awesome. Thanks for this! I'm two years in and Greg Giraldo was one of my favorites. Thanks again.

Anna Miller said...

I remember this night out at Chuckles. Jessie had the good sense to interview Greg even though he was still a relatively new comic. He was one of the gang and we all knew he had something special too. He will be missed and this brings back many memories. Thanks for posting it!