Friday, April 8, 2011

The Magic Room: Jerkus Circus Welcomes Rob Potylo and Barry Crimmins

The Jerkus Circus Bootlegger's Ball
at The Magic Room Saturday
The Jerkus Circus moves to yet another home Saturday with their Bootlegger’s Ball show at The Magic Room Gallery in Brighton. The Circus has a more permanent home in Worcester at Ralph’s Diner but has bounced around several locations close to Boston, including the Lizard Lounge, Oberon, and even the Burren for one show.

According to Niki Luparelli, the blonde half of Circus’s host and creator The Steamy Bohemians, the Magic Room’s speakeasy environment is a perfect fit for the Ball. “The Jerkus Circus is always looking for a couch to crash on,” says Luparelli. “Niki fell in love with the room after doing one of Rob Potylo's Quiet Desperation shows there, and Lainey has seen a lot of pictures on Facebook, so we've been dying to try out our brand of semi-nudity and weirdos there.”

The bill includes Rob Potylo, reportedly doing his last solo set, Barry Crimmins, Dr. Finnegan’s 10 in 1 Circus Sideshow, burlesque with BettySioux Tailor and Mary Widow, and 1920s tap sensation Kristen Minsky.

The Steamies are particularly happy with the late addition of Crimmins, political satirist and one of the main architects of the 80s Boston scene. Crimmins is coming to town to attend meetings about saving Boston’s Peace Abbey, which is facing foreclosure.

“When Lainey heard he'd be in town this weekend she begged him to be on the show in a scheme to help her win Niki's heart back after a mayonnaise fight that went awry,” says Luparelli. “We are honored to have Barry's subversive wit grace the stage of Bootlegger's Ball. And now Lainey and Niki will probably make out at some point during the show.”

Truly something for everyone.

Jerkus Circus -- Bootlegger's Ball: 9PM. $20. With Rob Potylo and special guest Barry Crimmins. The Magic Room, 155North Beacon St., Brighton. 617.775.4009

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