Thursday, August 5, 2010

Video - Mehran on Criscoteque, comic identity, and more

It’s hard to have a short conversation with Mehran. He’s engaging, intelligent, and provocative – three things that foster interesting tangents, and also make him a great comic.

I showed up at the house of one of Mehran’s friends basically to talk to him on camera about Criscoteque, the stand-up comedy/rave he’s hosting at Club Oberon Friday at10:30. He’s got a full bill of performers – comics Chris Fleming, Sarah Heggan, Ken Reid, Bethany Van Delft, and Erin Judge, music from DJ Caseroc and visual effects Serial Krusher, and Sugar Dish from the burlesque troupe Babes in Boinkland.

What actually happened was a longer conversation that touched on Mehran’s comic identity, his roots coming to America, Truly Tasteless Joke Books, his approach to booking shows, Snork porn, farts, and theme shows. And a lot more.

For the whole conversation, just watch the videos in order. For Criscoteque info, and a sneak peek at Mehran’s custom comedy rave outfit, skip to Part VII.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Part VI

Part VII - Criscoteque Spoiler!


Anonymous said...

IN my defense... I thought we were just going to shoot a 5 minute promo... so if I'm not shutting up, it's because I think I'm generating soundbites... not because I'm bowling poor Nick over. We chat all the time... it never looks or sounds like this!

Anonymous said...